School Calendar (2023-24)

28th April 2023 Friday NUR Thumb Painting C.T.
27th April 2023 Thursday KG Vegetable Printing Act C.T.
27th April 2023 Thursday I Colouring Competition C.T.
27th April 2023 Thursday II English Calligraphy C.T.
28th April 2023 Friday III हिंदी कविता प्रतियोगिता Sub.T
21th April 2023 Friday IV Collage Making(World Earth Day) Art T
15th April 2023 Saturday V Yoga Competition(lying and Standing Postures) SJK
26th April 2023 Wednesday VI कहानी प्रतियोगिता Sub T
24th April 2023 Monday VII Sudoku Sub.T
25th April 2023 Tuesday VIII English Story Telling Competition Sub.T
29th April 2023 Saturday IX हास्य काव्य प्रतियोगिता Sub.T
19th April 2023 Wednesday X हास्य काव्य प्रतियोगिता C.T
2nd May 2023 Tuesday NRY. Colouring Competition C.T.
3rd May 2023 Wednesday KG Clay Moulding C.T.
4th May 2023 Thursday I English Calligraphy C.T.
25th May 2023 Thursday II सुलेख प्रतियोगिता Sub.T.
26th May 2023 Friday III Photo Frame Making Art T
18th May 2023 Thursday IV Bird Making By Hand Print Art T
26th May 2023 Friday V Just A Minute in Hindi Sub T
20th May 2023 Saturday VI Rthymic Yoga SJK
19th May 2023 Friday VII Poster Making In MS Word Sub T
19th May 2023 Friday VIII Vegetable Carving CT
1st May 2023 Monday IX Power Point Presentation Sub.T
26th May 2023 Monday X Declamation in English Sub.T
27th July 2023 Tuesday NRY. Clay Moulding CT
14th July 2023 Friday KG Ramp Walk C.T.
10th July 2023 Monday I Origami Art T
6th July 2023 Thursday II English Book Reading Competition Sub.T
28th July 2023 Friday III Solo Dance CT
12th July 2023 Wednesday IV English Story Telling Competition Sub T
13th July 2023 Thursday V Solo Dance C.T
7th July 2023 Friday VI Displaying of Display Board CT
5th July 2023 Wednesday VII Fabric Painting Art T
29th July 2023 Saturday VIII Maths Buzz Sub.T
6th July 2023 Thursday IX Heritage India Quiz Sub.T
14th July 2023 Friday X Power Point Presentation Sub T
9th August 2023 Wednesday Nry Fancy Dress Competition C.T.
10th August 2023 Thursday KG Folk Dance Competition Sub T
18th August 2023 Friday I Fancy Dress Competition CT
14th August 2023 Monday II Public Speaking On Freedom Fighters CT
18th August 2023 Tuesday III Fancy Dress Competition(Freedom Fighters) CT
30th August 2023 Wednesday IV हिंदी कहानी प्रतियोगिता Sub T
1st August 2023 Tuesday V Rakhi Making Art T
4th August 2023 Friday VI Hindi Solo Song Competition (patriotic) Sub T
11th August 2023 Friday VII देशभक्ति गीत प्रतियोगिता Sub T
17th August 2023 Thursday VIII लोकगीत/भजन गायन प्रतियोगिता Sub.T.
3rd August 2023 Thursday IX Poster Making Sub.T.
2nd August 2023 Wednesday X Science/Social Science Quiz Sub.T.
1st September 2023 Friday Nry हिंदी कविता प्रतियोगिता C.T.
2nd September 2023 Saturday KG English Calligraphy CT
12th October 2023 Thursday NRY English Poem Recitation Competition CT
7th October 2023 Saturday KG हिंदी सुलेख प्रतियोगिता CT
3rd October 2023 Tuesday I English Poem Recitation Competition C.T
20th October 2023 Friday II Abstract Art With Crayons Art T
31st October 2023 Tuesday III Story Narration In English Sub T
4th October 2023 Wednesday IV Scenery inTux Paint Sub T
11th October 2023 Wednesday V Scenery in MS Paint Sub T
19th October 2023 Thursday VI Hot Seat (Quiz on Current Affairs) Sub T
5th October 2023 Thursday VII Displaying of Display Board(Festival) CT
31st October 2023 Tuesday VIII Slogan Writing(National Unity Day) Art.T.
21st October 2023 Saturday IX Model On Science Sub T
21st October 2023 Saturday X Preparing Snacks Without Fire CT
10th November 2023 Friday Nry Leaf Painting CT
3rd November 2023 Friday KG Diya Decoration Activity C.T.
9th November 2023 Thursday I Thali Decoration Art.T.
2nd November 2023 Tuesday II Diya Decoration/Thali Decoration Activity Art.T.
17th November 2023 Friday III Wall Hanging Making Art.T.
8th November 2023 Wednesday IV Glass Painting Art.T.
4th November 2023 Saturday V Displaying of Display Board CT
24th November 2023 Friday VI Paint a Thumb Print Picture Art T
29th November 2023 Wednesday VII English Speech Competition Sub.T.
22nd November 2023 Wednesday VIII Power Point Presentation Sub T
6th November 2023 Monday IX Rangoli Making With Flowers And Colours CT+Art T
1st December 2023 Friday Nry Dance Competition CT
2nd December 2023 Saturday KG Mental Maths Quiz CT
22nd December 2023 Friday I Decoration of Christmas Tree Art T
18th December 2023 Monday II Hindi/ English Poem Recitation Competition Sub Ts
22nd December 2023 Friday III Santa Claus Making Art T
20th December 2023 Wednesday IV Poster Making Art T
21st December 2023 Thursday V Christmas/New Year Card Making Art.T
28th December 2023 Thursday VI I.T. Power Point Sub T
27th December 2023 Wednesday VII Folk Dance Competition (Solo) CT
26th December 2023 Tuesday VIII Poster Making CT
29th December 2023 Friday IX Quiz on Sports SJK
29th January 2024 Monday Nry English Story Telling Competition CT
30th January 2024 Tuesday KG हिंदी कविता प्रतियोगिता CT
31st January 2024 Wednesday I Mosaic Art Competition Sub T
30th January 2024 Tuesday II EVS Quiz Art T
30th January 2024 Tuesday III Maths Buzz Sub T
24th January 2024 Wednesday IV Maths Quiz Sub T
23rd January 2024 Tuesday V Science Quiz Sub T
22nd January 2024 Monday VI Flower Arrangement/Collage Making Competition on freedom fighter Sub T
18th January 2024 Thursday VII Web Page Designing in HTML Art T
25th January 2024 Thursday VIII Inter House Sciece Quiz Competiton Sub T
30th January 2024 Tuesday IX Mosaic Art Competition Sub T
12th February 2024 Monday Nry Tearing and Pasting Competition CT
15th February 2024 Thursday KG English Poem Recitation Competition CT
13th February 2024 Tuesday I Book Mark Making competition Art T
14th February 2024 Wednesday II Dance Competition CT
2nd February 2024 Friday III Arts from waste Art T
8th February 2024 Thursday IV EVS Quiz Sub T
9th February 2024 Friday V Shlok Vachan (Sanskrit) Sub T
8th February 2024 Thursday VI Best out of Waste Art T
8th February 2024 Thursday VII Science Quiz Sub T
2nd February 2024 Friday VIII Invitation Card making Art T